February 2, 2023

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You Know You’re a True Angeleno if You’re Sleeping Through the Earthquakes


On Sunday, October 24th, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck central/east LA. Some citizens reported several abrupt jolts, while others said they experienced consistent, short-term shaking. As for me, I felt nothing at all. The earthquake hit around 7 AM while I was peacefully asleep in my bed within the southwest corner of Culver City – a few miles from the quake’s epicenter. For most LA residents, or Angelenos as they are sometimes referred to as, a 3.6 is nothing when it comes to the literal earth shaking beneath their feet. The topic might be big on Twitter for an hour or so, but soon everyone goes back to their daily business as if nothing has happened.


I’ve lived in LA for roughly six years now, and throughout that time I have had the utmost pleasure of experiencing several of mother nature’s abrupt ground shivers. Sure, the first two were a little alarming. I even remember feeling several in the same day and did plenty of research on “The Big One,” which is a supersized quake predicted to hit the West Coast at some point in the future. However, as time went on, each little shake felt like nothing more than a minor inconvenience in an otherwise normal day. Hence, sleeping through them is pretty normal now.

If you live in California, you could spend every day worrying about when a class four natural disaster will hit, or you can order Postmates and keep on binging Netflix like everyone else. Plus, with all that’s gone on in the last year and a half, nobody’s got time to sweat the big stuff like that.

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