March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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XBOX vs Playstation

It’s one of the most timeless debates of our generation and a feud that has divided friend-groups for years. So many people need to make key decisions on which console to get to game with their friends and troll children online. I can think of many friends and colleagues that have come to blows at this debate and I legitimately chose what to get bases on a coin flip.

First, the XBOX is a straight up better entertainment system that offers more in the every day needs of the consumer. XBOX has controllers that fit much easier in your hands and they just feel better and more clean when playing games. XBOX is also by far better for us being able to make jokes about the name (for example: XBONE or XBONNER).

Next up, the Playstation is just a better gaming console. the resolution is a bit higher and the games run faster typically with less ping and time delay on the screen. This makes games a bit easier to play and more fun for the user. Also, you can re-charge the controller which is so important and essential for the ease of playing games long term. Most people who use a Playstation love this feature.

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