November 29, 2022

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WTF is the Snail Meme That’s Going Around TikTok?

Snail meme

Source: fotoARION - Specialist in product and business photography/Moment/Getty Images

If you use TikTok to unwind and watch stupid videos like I do, you may have noticed a certain snail-related trend that’s gone viral over the last week or so. At first I was confused, but I figured it was just some passing fad that wouldn’t keep reappearing on my timeline. Oh, how wrong I was. Every other video kept referring to running from some kind of snail until the end of time, and as someone who wasn’t in on the joke, I would repeatedly scroll on by until inevitably coming across another post referring to the snail.

As I neared my breaking point, I came across a TikTok titled: “The Origin of the Snail Meme.” The post shared a Rooster Teeth YouTube video from 2014, in which a specific scenario is described. The narrators ask the question: would you accept millions of dollars and immortality if it meant that you would spend the rest of your existence being chased by a deadly intelligent snail? Odds are you’ll never be caught because well… it’s a snail. Then again, you’ll never be free from the predator that is endlessly following you.

Some might argue that the snail meme has been around in chatrooms since before the video was posted, and it has definitely resurfaced in several internet facets following the Rooster Teeth video, including within Tinder conversations. I get it. It’s a funny scenario to contemplate… for all of five minutes that is. Not unlike the snail in question, this meme is just one of those internet creations that refuses to die, and I’m sure it will resurface on the next big social media to hit the scene in 2056 or some shit. The prices we pay for knowledge…

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