June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Worst Cocktails for the Summer

I can’t sit here and lie to you saying all cocktails are good for the summer time heat. I’ve seen people drink these regularly in the summer and I thought they were total psychopath assholes. Would you drink these?

First is the White Russian. I cant think of a worse drink for the pool than heavy cream and Kahlua. I saw a guy literally drinking this in a lazy river style pool and I almost threw up everywhere. ho in their right mind would do something like this? Why not a light beer or a margarita? It just doesn’t add up. Im surprised this dude didn’t shit himself in the pool than blame it on somebody else.

Next is the AMF, and while this is a popular drink, I cant believe people drink this in the summer. First off, you get so drunk with this its a solid move but all the sugar would kill you. Think about it. You black out in 15-20 minutes into your event and you didn’t put sunscreen on yet. You want to fry like a lobster in the sun? Fine, drink a few of these and get so sunburnt you an barley sit down at dinner later. The only thing you can say at that point is that you got a good base tan.

Lastly, we have the IPA. WHY would you drink this during the day in the summer? These should only be reserved for the winter, nighttime or your Uncle Mike’s 50th birthday party.

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