March 31, 2023

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World Renown LA Attractions that are Actually Gross

LA Attractions

Ahh, Los Angeles, the City of Angels. A place where stars are made and dreams come true. Movies and TV have a funny way of making cities like LA, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco look like total dreamscape fantasy lands. However, anyone residing in these places can assure you that the truth is far dirtier than Hollywood makes it look. Speaking of Hollywood, next time you’re visiting LA, here are a few tourist attractions that are worth skipping.


LA Attractions

Why not start off with the heart of entertainment itself? Sure Hollywood has its gems. If you’re seeing a concert, stand-up comedy, a play, or just want some overpriced rooftop cocktails, Hollywood has it. Nevertheless, walking along Sunset Boulevard for more than five minutes will give you a glimpse into the grungier side of humanity. Between people screaming on the streets, janky strip clubs, and everything smelling like piss, Hollywood is definitely less glamorous than you’ve been led to believe.

Venice Beach

Source: The California Globe

Venice is the quintessential LA beach strip, for better or for worse. While it’s always been home to people zoned out on various substances, these days it’s a total tent city. I definitely feel bad for the less fortunate folks in this area, but the whole environment definitely detracts from any tourist-worthy properties that Venice once had. Then again, if you’re into outrageous people watching, then this is your place.


Source: LA Times

If you’ve traveled throughout a few American cities, you know that downtown is typically where it’s all at. Not in Los Angeles. Downtown LA is a ghost town of corporate buildings and dangerous alleyways. In fact, the area is home to Skid Row, one of the largest homeless populations in the world. Like anyplace, there are still positive to Downtown LA – The Staples Center, for example. Just watch out for spare needles lying around.

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