February 2, 2023

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Workout couples are the worst

I was on Instagram a little while ago and I came across the most outrageous story of a boyfriend and girlfriend working out together at the gym. Besides the fact that I didn’t care about either of them being in the gym, alone. I was especially repulsed at the fact that they felt the need to share with the world how hot and juiced both of them unnecessarily were. Couples that go to the gym together and post about it are literally the absolute worst.

The whole point of going to a gym is to better yourself. It should be for some classic *me* time. Why in the world would it be a smart move to drag along your significant other so the two of you can take up even more room in the gym doing nothing but blowing hot air around. I mean realistically, exercise-wise, how productive can you actually be if you have your other half just filming and posing with every God-damn weight you pick up?

And I get maybe, just maybe… you have such a trusting relationship that you want to go to a gym at the same time as your significant other and do different workouts… but why, for the love of God… do you feel the need to post about it on every social media channel ever invented? Like what are you trying to prove. What is the point of a couples workout? What is the point of moving tires around turf with your girlfriend?

Nobody wants to see you do a forty minute crossfit session with your girlfriend, Mike. Jenni, who cares that your boyfriend can deadlift an ice cream truck? It’s really fantastic that both of you look like Greek sculptures- but you know what’s more interesting than watching a juiced up airhead couple move weight? Literally anything.

If anyone is going to see me all gross, sweaty and disgusting, it sure as hell isn’t going to be anyone I’m trying to impress/ maintain a good relationship with. When I’m struggling to breathe after a 12 minute light cardio session is when I’m most vulnerable. Sure as shit I’m not sharing that moment with my girlfriend. Thank God I just avoid the gym all together.

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