March 20, 2023

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Woman Breaks Record For World’s Largest Mouth

Samantha Ramsdell, a 31-year-old woman from Connecticut has just broken the Guinness World Record for the largest mouth on a woman.  It was long believed that record belonged to Chrissy Tiegen, however Guinness has since announced that Ramsdell has surpassed her.

Ramsdell initially gained attention from a TikTok video she posted earlier this year of her shoving a large McDonald’s fries into her mouth at once.  While the size of her mouth is impressive, her fry stunt is not impressive in the slightest.  This challenge has been attempted and conquered many times before. 

The TikTok star claims that this notoriety has only improved her image of herself.  Ramsdell says she feels “great” about that fact that she can celebrate her unusual asset, which previously made her feel insecure.  Ramsdell went on to say, “Being 31 and being able to get a record for something that I wanted to keep so small, it’s great because now it’s like one of the biggest things about me.” 

While we all appreciate Ramsdell’s newfound confidence, it is puzzling why this specific achievement has helped her overcome her gigantic mouth.  Its not as if she had won, “Woman who has overcame the world’s largest mouth and now has a normal sized mouth.”  Ramsdell still has the mouth, and even still acknowledges it as she’s claimed; “Now it’s like one of the biggest things about me.”  No Samantha, it is the biggest thing about you.  And it always has been.  You just won an award that has officially confirmed your biggest insecurity.  You now ACTUALLY hold the record for world’s largest mouth on a woman (only just surpassing Chrissy Tiegen) when most of the kids used to only joke about it.

Oh my god.

Ramsdell has also not confirmed how she intends to use this mouth.  Recently, people have been upset that Ramsdell only intends to use her mouth what she has always used it for which is talking and eating (among other things.)  This is upsetting to most, due to the fact that most deformed record holders have donated their gifts to a greater cause; the woman with the world’s largest fingernails is currently digging the world’s deepest hole.  Some believe Ramsdell will continue to shove shit in it, which has surprisingly appealed to most of her followers.

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