June 5, 2023

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Why You Should Wear Oakleys in the Gym

Every gym enthusiast knows how difficult it can be to make progress with your fitness. Be it the motivation aspect or hitting a peak of continual growth, sometimes there’s just something missing from getting to that next level. It’s that X factor that every lifter seeks but none can quite bog down. Often you’ll hear of gym-goers looking to steroids, expensive supplements or even smelling salts to get them the competitive edge they need to hit new personal records, but I say they’re wrong and their pee pees are most likely smaller because of it. I believe I’ve found that X factor we’ve all been looking for to make us that better version of ourselves… Oakley sunglasses.

No when I say Oakleys, I don’t mean just any model of sunglasses they have for the brand. Every athlete knows exactly what I’m talking about, those douchey frames that completely enclose your eyes in winged polarized lenses. You might ask yourself, “why would I wear sunglasses indoors?” Because they’re fucking Oakleys. These puppies will unlock that next level of monster you’ve been hiding in your pathetic, non Oakley-wearing body for years. You want gains? You wanna be an animal with gross vascularity? Throw on some fuckin’ shades and channel the energy of the Oakleys.

If you get a pair of these bad boys I promise you two things: Your bench press will go up by at least 30 lbs and your libido will make you want to hump everything that moves. Buy some Oakleys, wear them to the gym and I swear to you nobody will be laughing at you for being a tool. They’ll just be laughing at the reflection of themselves in your polarized lenses.

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