February 2, 2023

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Why White Claws Are Old News

A couple years back, White Claws took the beer/seltzer industry by storm. It seemed like for a few years there, just about everyone was drinking White Claw and passing on their typical beer options. Over the past year or so, White Claw’s sales have dropped for a couple reasons.

First, they just aren’t as good as we thought they were. Over time, I have grown to go back to my old beer options like Bud Light, Modelo and Ultras. These are just better options and taste way better than White Claws. I think Claws were the rage for a couple years just because it was something different, but they’re just too sweet for me now. I’ll drink them if they’re there, but I just can’t find myself buying them anymore.

Another reason why Claws sales have plummeted is because everybody and their cousin have came out with a seltzer of some kind. Claws just kicked off the trend. Think about it. Bud Seltzer, Corona Seltzer, Truly etc. The list goes on and on and they’re all the same shit, just a different label. It’s time to drink what we want to drink. And Claws just aren’t it anymore.

I’m about to say fuck it and just drink Everclear on Christmas Day. Should black out by 11 AM church with my dad so thats a plus. Jesus doesn’t care, the guy turned water into wine for Christ’s sake. You think he didn’t party?

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