February 6, 2023

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Why “South Park” Sucks Now

If you’re an immature 20-something guy like me then I’m sure at one point you ate, slept and breathed South Park one liners. I mean hardly a day goes by and I still hear “Kyyyyyyyle” from my coworkers, friends and honestly complete strangers that simply know my name and the South Park reference it comes with. As the dominating satirical comedy giant for the past 24 years the show’s cult following has amassed and remained loyal. But in recent seasons something seems to have switched.

Why is South Park not as funny as it used to be? Well there’s a couple of reasons. First, the show made an obvious switch from episodic seasons to serialization, meaning instead of random crazy storylines now the show has a linear story that continues on from episode to episode. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in my opinion it’s a red flag. One of the best parts about South Park is their innate ability to quickly make an entire episode about the most recent pop-culture references or celebrity morons to absolutely shred to pieces. But in recent seasons it seems they’re focused more on their original stories like the “member berries” or “tegrity farms” which has it’s moments of hilarity, but overall just seems like they’re stretching the same joke.

The more obvious reason the show seems to be doing less edgy episodes is clearly their fear of the cancel culture plaguing Hollywood at the moment. South Park has and always will be known as that show that rips on anyone and everyone, and if something offensive is said the common response to the show is “well, it’s South Park.” But it seems that reaction has grown outdated. The new response is to cut all ties to the show, blacklist the creators and create a tending hashtag to silence anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.

Frankly, I say fuck the cancel culture. I think South Park is one of the last remaining shows that can revive the high-minded comedic form of satire that seems to go over most people’s heads these days, and I pray they return to their original form of ripping on celebrities that say and do stupid shit. Oh, and of course kill Kenny every week.

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