February 2, 2023

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Why Sean O’Malley Is Poised To Be One Of The Most Noteworthy Athletes of Our Generation

If this last Saturday was your first time hearing the name Sean O’Malley then you must live under a rock.  In the last 4 years, Sean “Sugar” O’Malley has become one of the most notable names in the UFC, winning his first 11 fights and doing so with countless savage knockouts.  This past Saturday, Sugar Show took home his 13th win by beating rookie fighter Louis Smolka’s face in so bad, that Herb Dean had to send him home early.  While greasy UFC fan-boys debate the merit of O’Malley’s rise in the UFC, no one can deny that Sugar is quickly becoming ‘that dude.’  With many of the old-guard fighters in the waning stages of their careers (McGregor, Diaz, Miocic) and other notable fighters calling it quits early, (Khabib) O’Malley is being positioned to be not only the fighter, but the athlete namesake of this generation.

Suga putting on the hurt.

This is for more reasons then just an apparent power-vacuum in the UFC.  This generation of UFC and non-UFC fans alike can appreciate O’Malley because he really just doesn’t give a fuck.  And not, ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ in a ways that are reminiscent of other athletes, but doesn’t give a fuck in a bong-ripping, twitch-streaming, vlog making type of way that millenials get wet for.   

Suga hitting that kind.

And how could we not?  O’Malley reminds us of ourselves, he loves getting stoned, playing video games and getting into some debauchery with his best friend-trainer Tim Welch.  You can catch Sean and Tim browsing fro escorts, making club appearances, and sucking down dabs together in the myriad of content he puts out.  This is all done while being a new father, and keeping it cool with his baby-moms, Danya.  Sean just hits on all types of levels. 

Why is Sean so important to this generation of athletes and creators alike?  For the same reason we appreciate any other noteworthy name that has become popular in the last few years; the dude really owns his brand.  We love watching Sean up to his bullshit and getting blazed, and we also love watching him make people go to sleep.  Sugar has grown past just his UFC appearances; he’s become a cult of personality (in the best way.)  Sean can keep it 100% cool outside of the octagon and be an absolute killer when it’s his time to fight. 

The man, the myth, the legend

Now that Sean has taken home his 13th win, he has a shot at the next bantamweight title.  At this rate, Sugar is on the fast track to be the fighter that everyone wants to take out, aka the best fighter of his weight class.  Sean O’Malley is now poised to be the fastest growing name in the world’s fastest growing sport.  Mark my words; Sean O’Malley will be a household name within the next 5 years.  UFC fan boys come at me, but in my opinion, you’re still undefeated Sean.                

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