February 2, 2023

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Why Nickelback is Actually a Good Band

Picture this… you’re riding down PCH with a car full of friends, windows down and music blasting when suddenly the song on the radio changes. You hold your breath only to hear the sound that will turn a fun time on it’s head… That’s right, it’s Nickelback. For decades it’s been a running joke amongst gentlemen that whenever a song by the early 2000’s rock band comes on, the only reaction is to absolutely ridicule not only the band, but the person who’s responsible for playing it. “Oh, you a big Nickelback fan, Greg? Fuck you, Greg!” But behind all the hatred and ridicule of poor Greg everyone was thinking the same thing in the back of their minds… This song actually slaps.

Nickelback meme

Every guy will tell you without hesitation that they absolutely hate any song by Nickelback. But why do men pretend to hate Nickelback while secretly knowing every word to “Rockstar”? It’s because no guy wants to be labeled a loser and will do anything to avoid holding the title of resident bitch of the friend group, even if that means secretly pretending to not like one of their top 5 most listened to bands on their Spotify account.

I’m not sure where the lore began that anyone who listens to Nickelback is instantly a douchebag, but it’s been written in stone for the list of “bands we do not listen to” for guys since it’s legend first began. So why is this decades long running joke a farce? Because every person on earth knows the lyrics to at least 3 Nickelback songs and that, by law, makes them a band for the ages.

Nickelback’s the second highest selling foreign band since the Beatles, has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and has 4 albums currently listed on Billboard’s albums of the decade. “Rockstar,” “Photograph,” “Animals” and “you remind me” are just some of their long reigning and record breaking hits that once topped the charts and you’re gonna tell me that they’re actually universally hated by the world? Absolutely not. The reason they were, are and always will be hated only comes down to one thing… Guys will stop at nothing to keep a running joke going. I will admit though, it is absolutely hilarious.

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