March 20, 2023

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Why In-N-Out is America’s #1 Fast Food

As a resident Californian it’s important to know that I’m impartial and not biased towards any specific restaurant chain or establishment. Having said that, I understand that Californians hold In-N-Out on a pedestal, and rightfully so. It straight up slaps in any and all situations and if you disagree you should be shot. Again, not biased towards it but there are many reasons why I feel this way.

For starters, In-N-Out uses fresh ingredients and meat. Many other fast food chains use processed meats, cheeses and even vegetables to assemble their product. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing better than fresh meat. It tastes better than any other burger around while also being as healthy as possible. Let’s face it, burgers and fries are still not the healthiest option but In-N-Out is a fairly safe bet when it comes to fast food.

Also, In-N-Out is very cheap for what you get. You can leave completely full for $8-$9 depending on what you order and it tastes great. Other fast food chains are cheaper, but the quality doesn’t even come close to matching up. The only other close option for In-N-Out’s prices is Del Taco or Taco Bell which are both known for generating explosive and sometimes deadly farts or even diarrhea. For you and your family’s sake, I would steer clear of the taco shits for obvious reasons.

The only reason In-N-Out looses points is because of the fries. The fries are fucking terrible but they can be dressed up to be great. I’m a huge fan of the cheese fries before the animal style fries. Animal fries are tasty but I have had them so many times that lately I have gone the cheese fries route. Also, if you would rather just get regular fries, you can easily order a shake to dip the fries in creating a salty yet sweet mixture that slides down your throat with ease. What could be better? Not much. That’s why In-N-Out slaps ass.

*If you think Whataburger is better than In-N-Out you suck and should be sent to death row for blaspheme*

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