March 31, 2023

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Why Halloweekend is the Best Time to Go Out in L.A.

If you’re the average guy living in Los Angeles then chances are not only you’ve been to a fair share of boujie bars in the city, but you’ve also been rejected by a girl or two. Was it the way you were polite or tried to by someone a drink that did it in? No, it’s the fact that you showed up to a $20 cover bar wearing blue jeans and a t shirt. Girls in L.A., especially the bombshell model types, are notorious for clout chasing the guys with Gucci shirts and a useless $30k watch on their wrist.

So why is Halloweekend the best time to go out in L.A.? Because it’s the one time of year that what you’re wearing to the bar doesn’t matter. Most people, aside from the boring douchebags, wear a costume that completely hides their identity, status, or any of that surface level bullshit that usually makes a Texas 8 into an L.A. 4. Think of Halloweekend as the real life ‘Sexy Beasts’, everyone’s dressed up. You finally get your chance to hit on some of the hottest girls in the city and have just as good a chance of pulling someone gorgeous as a guy with a $4k a month loft.


It’s also the one time of year girls knowingly and in the masses will wear the swankiest “costume” they can throw together with as much ass showing as humanly possible. So while I’m dressed up as Rod from ‘Hot Rod’ I’ll be hitting on yet another sexy vampire with white out contact lenses and the wildest lingerie outfit on possible. Show off what you got this weekend, ladies. It’s the one time of year nobody will give you shit for wearing a bra and nothing else because that’s exactly what every other chick in the bar is wearing. Happy Halloweekend, kids. Stay safe.

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