March 31, 2023

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Why Aquafina SUCKS

It’s no secret that most people hate to drink Aquafina water. Out of all the major national brands in the US, Aquafina is widely regarded as the worst water to drink in terms of its taste. It has a sharp and almost fake aftertaste and for the most part nobody really likes it, but why?

First off, Aquafina shows high oxidization numbers. this means that it causes inflammation in your body and digestive system. For me personally, I don’t think water needs to make me bloated or inflamed so why the hell would I want to drink this stuff. Also, who wants to be more inflamed than normal? I already get inflamed when I just walk to the fridge let alone drink this shit water.

Also, Aquafina is not alkaline water, and its high in acidity which isn’t good for purifies water. Cancer particles cant survive in an alkaline environment so this is a terrible look for the brand itself. The water has little to no nutrients when you try to dissolve tea into it meaning the water isn’t pure. Not only does this water taste like shit, but it isn’t even good for you.

How could a major brand like this be so popular? I’d rather drink lukewarm milk than drink this stuff.

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