June 5, 2023

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Who’s Copping the New Balenciaga Fortnite Gear?

Balenciaga Fortnite
Balenciaga Fortnite

Earlier this week, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga partnered with Epic Games to announce a brand new lineup of Fortnite-themed clothing items, both in the game and in real life. While plenty of middle schoolers are probably stealing their parents’ credit cards to purchase overpriced character skins in the Fortnite shop, the physical gear is a whole new level of expensive. Ranging in price from a $395 hat to a denim jacket that is selling for $1,290, you have to wonder who’s actually buying this stuff?

As it turns out, there are apparently plenty of people who will drop a few hundred bucks on designer clothing products featuring brands aimed towards children. After all, several items are already out of stock, including one of the hats which is listed on the reselling website, StockX, at $1,295. Sheesh.

For clout-obsessed TikTok zoomers, the Balenciaga Fortnite collab has got to be a wet dream. Just imagine how cool you’d look flossing in a $725 Fortnite hoodie. I mean are you kidding me??? But honestly though, for those who are really willing to drop fat stacks on these clown clothes, it’s best to act quick. Believe it or not, this stuff could very well be sold out by the end of the month.

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