March 31, 2023

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Who Would Win In A Fight? Big Ben Vs. Antonio Brown

The two headliners this weekend were for sure Bin Ben and Antonio Brown. Also, I have to say neither were for any kind of stellar performance on the field. Bin Ben played what was obviously his last home game in Pittsburg. This was an emotional night for Ben, Steelers fans or really any fan of the NFL. Also, Antonio Brown quit the Bucs is dramatic fashion while also stripping down to no shirt and celebrating in the endzone. But who would win in a fight?

Brown is much smaller and more agile. I know his stamina would kick the shit out of Big Ben. When it comes to combinations I feel Brown. has the edge. In terms of pure speed it would he hard to connect with him because he’s so fast and athletic. Also, Brown has a ton of power. He is crazy enough to murder someone in broad daylight and somehow think it was an act of God. the dude has a screw or two loose to say the least. However, if the fight went to the ground Big Ben would absolutely destroy him.

Ben has all the power a punch could need. He has the body of a professional Hall of Fame athlete that drinks a minimum of 5 IPA’s a night and eats almost exclusively red meat. Those two facts make him a powerful puncher and if he connects with Brown he is going down for sure. Ben’s stamina has to be a disaster though. He can last more than 3-4 minutes in bed before he passes out from lack of oxygen so I have to assume he would have to knock out Brown in the first round.

I think Ben wins.

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