February 6, 2023

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White Woman Gives Birth to Black Baby and Blames Husband for Cheating With a Black Woman

A white couple in Spain recently transformed their hospital delivery room into a total  warzone during the birth of their child. 

The mother was enduring the smooth labour of the couple’s son.  However, when the baby appeared, the room was filled with confusion.  Though the doctors thought, at first, that the baby’s complexion was due to respiratory failure, they soon realized that they had just delivered a healthy, black baby.  

Once the doctors handed the woman her son, she put him on her chest and immediately yelled “You bastard, I knew you were cheating on me!  Look what you’ve done, go away!”  This led to a spirited argument between the two while the hospital staff removed the husband from the situation while holding in obvious laughter. 

Yep…. that is correct.  The woman thought that her baby was black because her husband was cheating on her with a black woman.  Not sure how that thought was possible, but someone was definitely cheating on their spouse with a black individual.  I wonder who?  

Personally, I would have paid to see the looks on the doctors faces as they tried to reasonably dispute this assertion.  Also, if the husband cheated with a black woman as his wife claimed, wouldn’t the baby at least come out with more of a mocha tone? I feel bad for the husband, but in the wise words of Maury Povich, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! 

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