February 6, 2023

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When is Uber going to start letting us pack into cars again?

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Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

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Photo by Jackson David on Pexels.com

If we really want to put Covid behind us, we have to go out and start raging like it’s 2019. And that means packed clubs and Uber rides for pennies on the dollar. But it’s pretty hard to pack the clubs when Ubers won’t let you bring more than two friends into the Prius.

You see, beforehand, you used to STUFF an Uber to the club with four… maybe even five people. And I’m not even talking and XL, I’m talking about a regular ass Uber. But now, these Commie bastards at Uber are just total strict assholes and won’t let more than three people in their cars. And that fourth person is the crucial key to a live, packed Uber. Three passengers kills the vibe. Four passengers keeps the pregame going into the party.

And then, when you try to call an XL so you can fit that fourth buddy in the car, they either take FOREVER or are impossible to get at all. Uber’s fourth passenger ban is singlehandedly holding society back from fully reopening. Which means… Uber hates freedom.

Uber… your cars seat four passengers (safely)…. there is absolutely no reason why I can’t sit in the front seat anymore. I’m masked n vaxxed. You’re masked n vaxxed. Let’s do this thing? Time to stuff Ubers again. Also, on another note. Why the fuck are Ubers so ridiculously expensive? $62 to go 3.8 miles?!?! Used to make double that trip for like $14. It’s ridiculous.

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