February 2, 2023

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When is the Best Time to Buy Cheap Event Tickets?


In 2020, the world shut down. Showing up to concerts, live sporting events, and other performances used to be one of the best ways to hit the town while getting publically intoxicated with your buddies. Alas, Covid-19 had to come ruin the party by keeping everyone locked up in their homes. Now that crowded events are once again on the rise, tons of people are jumping at the chance to get out and see some live entertainment. However, this spike in attendance comes at a literal cost. Event tickets can vary dramatically in price, and while your compatriots may have spent $50 yesterday for front row seats, you waited too long and now the same section costs $200.


Fluctuating ticket prices can be one of the most annoying things when it comes to planning a day or night out. Some folks choose to buy months in advance, while others swear by third-party vendors. When it comes to buying tickets, is there really a best time to do so? Well as it turns out, there really is.

According to data released by the ticket sales app Gametime, the best time to buy tickets on the secondary market is right before the event is supposed to start. In fact, if you wait until an hour before the beginning of a sporting event, tickets are an average of 33% lower than the general listed price. When it comes to concerts, the rate lowers to 45% off if purchased sixty minutes before. Furthermore, if you’re only interested in the headliner, waiting until the concert has already started can provide an estimated 50% off the wholesale price of said tickets. Purchasing tickets around kickoff may be a ballsy move, but if you’re a sucker for live events on a budget, then this is the life hack you need.

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