February 6, 2023

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When Are Solo Cups Acceptable?

College party and beer pong concept with red drinking plastic cups on white background

We’ve all been there. At a function with the main beverage receptacle being red solo cups. But when are they acceptable? Where is the line? Anytime during college is fair game but at what point do we need to stop using solo cups during regular life?

First off, solos are acceptable in any party setting. Flip cup, beer pong and any other drinking game requires them. It makes cleanup easy, it prevents people from braking them and cutting themselves, and it gives off the fun scummy vibe that heavy binge drinking welcomes and needs. Those are a given. However, I think they’re acceptable at any outdoor family gathering as well. Your family barbecue, any block party, or your bitch cousins outdoor Fourth of July party. Solos are perfect for these events but thats about it.

When aren’t they acceptable? Anytime you or your friends are at home and not in a drinking setting. I personally have friends who use them for daily drinking, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s okay to do this in college, but not anytime after. It just gives off a don’t give a shit about anything vibe and shouldn’t be welcomed everyday. However, they are perfect for the backyard during a summer pool day.

You be the judge. Use them? Or not?

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