June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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What You Blasting Outta These?

It’s the middle of the day in September of 2003. Your friends are over to play the newest Halo maps with a Mountain Dew code red in hand. Instagram? Nobody’s ever heard of it at this point. Oh the blissful ignorance of the early 2000’s. Your friend yells out to the group “the new Kanye album is out!” Naturally you all run over to the one place you can actually download and hear the newly release Yeezy: The Computer speakers.

Everyone and their mother, more specifically their mother, had a set of these bad boys well before the beats pill was ever even a wet dream. You wanna hear something off Limewire or Napster? Stick your head next to these bad boys and crank the volume as high as possible, which honestly would surprise you for how small these things were.

So, in your family’s office right after a game of Runescape, what are you blasting outta these things?

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