June 5, 2023

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What Vegetables Make You Fart The Most?

Ive been experimenting with different health foods lately. Im trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, which is good. However, lately Ive noticed a sudden uptick in my daily farts. Both is quality and aggression of the farts overall. While I myself am leading a healthier lifestyle, am I putting those around me at risk? Is it fair of my to sacrifice their health and safety due to my personal health choices? I would rather not subject those around me to a modern gas chamber but here are the foods that make me rip ass.

First off, I have been eating broccoli almost everyday. There are so many health benefits here but believe it or not, they make you fart. Globally the food that makes you fart the most are beens, followed closely by broccoli. I’ve been enjoying broccoli soup, steamed broccoli, broccoli in salad and many other options. However, I’ve been essentially dropping enough bombs to start a second American Civil War. Should I continue this? Its completely hilarious but I don’t want my personal relationships to be tainted anymore than they already have.

If you want to fart a lot, I would recommend these other healthy options. Cabbage is a great option and used typically in salad. I eat a lot of cabbage with corn beef because I’m Irish and this is a deadly combo. Brussel sprouts are one of my favorite sides with dinner and are quite healthy. However, they rank #3 on the worlds list for food a that make you farts more than normal.

Honorable mentions: Carrots, Spinach, Asparagus (which also makes your pee smell like death)

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