February 2, 2023

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What the Hell is Netflix doing with ‘Sexy Beasts’?

If you’ve been on any form of social media recently then you might’ve scrolled over a video or pic of Netflix’s newest dating show Sexy Beasts. I’m sure wether you’ve seen any images or not you’ll be asking yourself “what the fuck” if you actually decide to watch an episode of the series. The premise of this dating show is essentially a speed dating format, but the catch is everyone’s wearing insane levels of makeup. Why? So the contestants fall for each other’s personalities and not their looks.

I get the premise, but this is just a ridiculously over the top spin on the partition dating show concept. Netflix isn’t being clever here. I think the only entertaining part of this show were the makeup designs these people had to wear. I mean some guy was dressed up as a giant mouse and another chick as a rotting zombie. I don’t care of their personalities were better than Ryan Reynolds, with makeup like that the show absolutely shafted them and ensured elimination.

If you’re a guy don’t bother watching this show. The only setting this will make any sense to throw a show like this on is when you’re watching with your girlfriend. Believe me, you’ll both agree the whole thing is insane and stupid, but their natural tendency to obsess over “reality” TV will kick in and they’ll soon say things like “wait! I wanna see what they look like.” If cramming a bunch of people into Hollywood-level makeup only to reveal the one’s underneath are just as gorgeous as the typical Bachelorette contestant anyways is Netflix’s revolutionary new spin on television, then we are SOL.

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