March 31, 2023

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What the Heck is Instagram Kids, and is it a Good Idea?

Instagram Kids

Instagram has just announced that it is pausing development for its new app, Instagram Kids. The announcement came when company head, Adam Mosseri released a message on social media, stating that while development is paused, Instagram still plans to move forward with the project, after consulting with parents and experts in the field. But what even is Instagram Kids, and should it be allowed at all?

In his announcement, Mosseri states that Instagram Kids is meant to be a safe, child-friendly version of the picture-sharing app aimed at users under the age of 13. He goes on to explain how younger and younger children have access to smartphones these days, and Instagram Kids will be a way for young people to use their technology without all of the online threats and inappropriate content that come with it. Mosseri also cites Tiktok and Youtube, both of which have created similar child-friendly versions of their apps.

Now I can see some pros and cons to this new Instagram offshoot. Pros: if kids are going to find ways onto social media no matter what, then I understand the benefit of providing a safe way for them to do so. Cons: over comparison, cyberbullying, online pedophiles, and overall harm to mental wellbeing. Personally, I can think of a million things more productive or beneficial to a young child than spending time on Instagram. Then again, I’m no parent. Who am I to judge?

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