March 20, 2023

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What Pro Sport Would I Play

Everyones dream is to be a pro athlete. The glitz, the money and the fun you have playing a sport for a living is very attractive. Who wouldn’t want that for you and your family? For me, its a toss up between golf and hockey.


First off, golf is the most chill sport to play. You basically just walk around a course all day and whack the shit out of a ball which is always fun. However, its a mental game and sometimes can be frustrating. I would just want to be like John Daly and rip cigarettes at 6:15 AM and stripe every drive down the middle of the fairway. Maybe even bring a few beers and put with my shoes off by claiming that I could read the greens better. Pro golf would rule and if you win a tourney you can make up to 25M in a 4 day stretch.

Next is hockey. Hockey is the most fun sport to pay but it comes with a cost. If you play in the NHL you will get seriously injured at some point. Guys are trying to head hunt you and you have to fight if you play dirty, which I do, but I would get my ass kicked. If I were to play in the NHL I would for sure need the Kardashians Cosmetic surgeons number on speed dial. My face would be so fucked up I need a full rejuvenation just like the Kardashian girls, including Caitlin.

What would I choose? Golf. I wouldn’t even have to work out.

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