November 26, 2022

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What Brockwell’s Watching: November

Aside from Squid Game and finishing up with our ol’ pal Ted Lasso, here’s what I’ve been watching recently and recommend you should too. For some reason, I’ve been more into the long form movies lately than binging shows, so here’s where we’ll start.

Untold: Crime and Penalties – If you like hockey, organized crime, or just straight up people behaving badly, you gotta check out the Netflix doc, Untold: Crime and Penalties. It’s a WILD story about how the Mafia infiltrated minor league hockey and turned it into a total money laundering goon squad. I had actually gone to one Danbury Trashers game when I was very, very young and obviously had no idea of it’s nefarious ties. Such an interesting story, definitely worth a watch.

Whiplash – watched this movie for the first time last night and I was blow away. I come from a bit of a drumming background, so I was kinda surprised I hadn’t gotten to it earlier and boy was I missing out. Simmons is a beast of a character and although it’s a movie about a college jazz drummer, the whole thing is so exhilarating and intense. Such a masterpiece, give it a watch if you can.

Pig – This lowkey indie film starring Nicolas Cage as a wilderness wreck-loose who had his truffle hunting pig stolen was actually so insane. I don’t usually go for like darker, artsy-er films, but I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an engaging and entertaining watch with a ton of suspense and a very slow, yet bright burn. Such a simple premise, executed beautifully.

Lilyhammer Season 1 – Maybe it’s because of all the Sopranos hype lately, but recently, I’ve gotten into the niche Netflix drama, Lilyhammer about a New Jersey mafia man who gets sent to a remote town in Norway as part of his witness protection deal. It’s honestly a bit corny at times (maybe because it was written primarily by Norwegians on an incredibly low budget so the acting, and English isn’t quite the best), but it’s just funny to see a classic New Jersey mafioso basically fall into his same shady habits, in a tiny, remote, wintery Norwegian town.

Tacoma FD Season 3 – The boys (and Lucy) are back!! My total comfort show… you know exactly what you’re getting with Chief, Lucy and the boys. Dick jokes, shitty puns and oh so much stache. Lucy goes on a date with a police officer, Eddie becomes chief for a day, and the station goes through mandatory “Sexual Bias Training.”Sit back, crack open a beer and give it a watch for guaranteed cheap laughs every episode.

Definitely give these a watch during your Thanksgiving breaks.

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