March 31, 2023

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What Brockwell’s Watching: December

Ahhhh, that time of the year between Christmas and New Years where nobody really knows, is today Wednesday? No, maybe it’s Tuesday? Anyway, the best way to kill is this vacation week is to get into some of the millions of shows out there. Here’s what I’m streaming this week.

Ghosts – CBS

Ghosts is an American remake of British show about a couple who moves into an old estate and after an accident, our protagonist Samantha gets the ability to communicate with the ensemble of ghosts who have all died on the property. Pretty simple premise, but the assortment of ghosts range from a 1,000 year old Viking, to a Revolutionary War reject and even a Jordan Belfort type penny stock trader from the 90s, so plenty of opportunity for tons of stories and hijinks. Such an easy watch at the end of a long day. There’s 10 episodes of Season 1 now available to stream on demand or on Paramount+.

Don’t Look Up – Netflix

If you liked Vice and The Big Short, look no further because Adam McKay is back with a star-studded cast for a theater blockbuster that you can comfortably watch in your own home with Don’t Look Up. It’s a story about two astronomers trying to tell the world that they’ve discovered an asteroid headed straight towards earth to kill us all. And while it can get a bit preachy at times (you know, the asteroid being a metaphor for climate change and everyone ignoring them being our politicians and the general American consumerism driven public), overall the performances were great and the final scene and message is truly one to behold. Good family watch if nobody can agree on a movie.

Stath Lets Flats Season 3 – HBO Max

Our favorite lettings agent, Stath, is back for Season 3 and now he and Carol have a baby girl! Remember, Stath can’t take care of himself, let alone a child, so you can imagine the ridiculous absurdity he gets into. Plus the awkwardness between Sophie and Al just gets increased tenfold this season.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 11 – HBO Max

Larry’s back!!!!! And he’s more conniving than ever. From the brilliant performances to the hysterical set pieces, this season has it all. Give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

Untold: Crime and Penalties – Netflix

What if I told you there was a minor league hockey team in suburban Connecticut in the early 2000s that was actually run by the mafia and used as a front for money laundering and other shady business? You obviously wouldn’t believe me. Then, I would tell you to watch Crime & Penalties for the most unbelievable sports story that has nothing to actually do with sports. It’s like The Sopranos meets the Mighty Ducks, and the best part is, it’s all real.

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