October 6, 2022

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We need to bring Hungarian Thermal Baths to LA

Hungary, namely the city of Budapest in general, is home to numerous naturally heated thermal baths. They have been around for hundreds (if not, thousands) of years. About 80% of the country sits over a thin part of the earth’s crust, which brings hot, mineral-rich water to the surface more easily. So, generations of Hungarians have taken advantage and built numerous beautiful bathhouses and spas for the population to enjoy. And while I lived in Budapest, I would go to the baths, at least once a week. They are seriously the most beast thing ever.

Set in numerous beautiful ornate complexes, old men drink 100 proof alcohol, hot chicks waltz around in beast swimsuits, and you just get to sit back and soak in the most relaxing, 104 degree F, thermal baths you’ve ever felt… what’s not to love? You can hit up the saunas, or just chill and make friends in the thermal pools.

Now, here’s where my moneymaking idea comes in… someone needs to build and open one of these beautiful, ornate thermal bath spas right here in LA. Think about how much of a hit it would be. I could soooo see this being a trendy WeHo/Beverly Hills hangout. You can your boys can cruise to the baths for an afternoon of relaxation and/or boozing hard. Plus, where else would be a better place to lay chum with chicks also cruising for that same purpose?

It’d for sure be such an Instagram hotspot. Influencer chicks would come from all over to dress in their expensive swimsuits and take pictures in the most beautiful, baroque setting in LA. See how many dumb idiots line up to take a picture in front of a wall with painted angle wings?!? The line for this place would stretch to the valley.

And at night, these baths turn into raging pool parties. How LA is that?!?! If they didn’t originate in Hungary, I would say these baths were EASILY made specifically for LA.

Once I make my first couple million, you bet your ass I’m going to open the gnarliest Hungarian bathhouse, this side of the Danube.

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