June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Water Bottle Fun: I’ll never Mature

Water bottles are becoming more and more uncommon as the years go on. Most people are resorting to more environmentally friendly, reusable bottles life HydroFlask. I’m still an avid bottled water drinker, mainly because you can twist the bottle enough to build pressure and shoot the cap off at people. Also, it sounds like a bomb is going off which is perfect for 2022.

Dasani is without a doubt the grossest bottles water you can drink. It has this sharp acidic taste that absolutely sucks. I have a lot of friends that love this water but it straight up tastes like ass. Im not a huge fan and neither should you be. Also, once I was at the Belagio pool in Vegas and one bottle of Dasani water was $9. If that water is drinkable to you, there are some serious tests that need to be done on your brain.

The best is easily Arrowhead. We can all pretend that this is pure water from glacier runoff but who are we really kidding. Arrowhead just slaps, its fairly cheap other than the store brands you can get and the cap flys off perfectly at people. It is a short and heavy cap that launches perfectly and solid enough to continue straight even in the wind. this is perfect to shoot at people.

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