May 28, 2023

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Watch the Ryder Cup With Your Boys this Weekend

Today marks day 1 of the 43rd Ryder Cup, a competition which pits the best currently ranked American golfers against the top European players in a combination of match play and team matchups. With the competition being held at Whistling Straights Golf Course in Haven, Wisconsin tee times will be a bit early in the morning for us on the West coast to catch, most teeing off around the 7am slot. While I know golf traditionally is a slow game to watch, I promise you the Ryder Cup is a completely different animal.

In no other golfing even will you see crowds chanting mid-swing, mid putt or yelling “USA” at the top of their lungs to pump up their home team. This isn’t the type of golf broadcast you watch in a polo shirt, this is the kind you throw on with your buddies dressed in your best red white and blue while slamming PBR and screaming at the TV after ever putt.

Trust me when I say watching the Ryder Cup is one of the most fun sporting events you can throw on for the weekend with your friends, especially if the U.S. team pulls off a win and returns the Ryder Cup trophy to its rightful home right here in the U.S. of A, baby!

For most of these guys this even will be the closest any of them ever get to representing their country on an almost olympic level stage, but if you ask any golfer the Ryder Cup means more to these guys than a gold medal. This historic competition has been dominated by some of the most legendary golfers of all time. Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and especially Tiger Woods are just some of the beasts that have made this even the great sporting event it has become.

So golf fan or no golf fan, if you’re someone who likes to see a crowd go absolutely ape shit when a guy smacks the shit out of a driver right down the middle of the fairway and gloat to the fans behind him, I encourage you to try throwing it on this weekend.

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