March 31, 2023

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USA Hockey Unveils New 2022 Olympic Jerseys… And they’re Terrible

You had one job, USA Hockey. ONE! And ya blew it. Earlier today the United States Hockey program unveiled their new jersey designs for the upcoming 2022 winter olympics in Beijing. The problem? These jerseys are just way off the mark. Typically team USA jerseys will have some sort of homage or design influence from past jerseys as a reflection of the team’s lustrous history. But thanks to Nike once again trying to make things look “futuristic” and “unique” our teams will be dressed more like ice skating soccer players than a brazened hockey club.

I mean seriously, did they just copy and paste the USMNT soccer jersey designs onto a hockey sweater template and say, “good enough?” We don’t wanna see the future of jersey designs. Hockey fans and players don’t give a shit if the jersey is even that functional. Typically jerseys have been more about keeping a team’s history and image alive with performance being the last thing on anyone’s mind. The logo makes the jersey and this new one completely sucks.

USA hockey

Look how absolutely filthy this 2010 team USA jerseys look. GORGEOUS! The traditional logo lettering, basic red white and blue colors. No soccer-looking designs or Nike overpowering bullshit. These are what the USA sweaters should’ve looked like this upcoming olympics. That or something similar. I would be heavily surprised if jersey sales didn’t do absolutely terrible this year. No way any self respecting hockey fan pays $240 for one of these atrocities. But fuck it, sweater or no sweater, USA BABY!

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