February 2, 2023

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Urban Meyer Caught Getting Freaky in Dive Bar with Young Female Fan

This is exactly what we like to see our NFL coaches doing… grinding with a hot young blonde chick at a bar in Columbus instead of going home to the wife and kids. Last weekend the 0-3 Jacksonville Jaguars head coach, Urban Meyer, was spotted getting handsy with a hot young bar patron in what seems to be the least amount of fight put up by a married guy since Amber Heard beat the shit out of Johnny Depp. Arguably you could say this was the 4th L coach Meyer’s taken this season, especially because the video review on this play clearly shows he was inches from getting his balls in the end zone.

Dirty Urby came out and apologies in a press conference earlier this week, stating he was originally out to dinner with his grandchildren when some fans asked him to appear at a dive bar next door. I hope to god old Urban didn’t make the grandkids watch as grandpa attempted to get his balls wet with a 20 something blondie, only to tell the kids “don’t tell grandma” followed up with a creepy wink.

This seems to be the last straw for Urban in Jacksonville as rumors have begin to swirl that he’s out to bid for the head coaching job at USC, not to mention the Jaguars front office is fed up with his inability to win or keep his middle-aged paws off a sorority chick’s ass. At least now his wife and kids will be able to enjoy the wonderful weather of Southern California while pop’s out at the local USC dive bar aggressively making out with some Alpha Phi sophomore with daddy issues. Stay thirsty, Urban.

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