March 31, 2023

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Tyron Woodley Accepts Jake Paul Rematch

Here we go again. After Tommy Fury dropped out of the fight last minute due to medical reasons, retired UFC fighter Tyron Woodley has once again agreed to take on Youtuber, Jake Paul, in a sure to be uneventful rematch. The short notice fight between the two will take place on December 18th and will be viewable on pay per view for whoever’s willing to waste $59.99 to watch Woodley chase Paul around a ring with no knockouts.

Apparently Paul’s offering Woodley a chance to earn an additional $500k if he somehow knocks him out, but let’s be honest, there’s no way Paul’s gonna ruin his joke of a boxing career by risking a KO. If there was a no knockout clause in the first fight like people have already speculated then there’s guaranteed to be another one for this fight. Tyron Woodley’s not winning that $500k, not with his hands tied for a second time.

Honestly I think Jake Paul dodged a bullet with this change. Tommy Fury comes from a family of legitimate fighters with actual competitive camps, unlike Paul who mostly spars on untrained Youtubers with no fighting skills whatsoever. I respect the guy’s ability to promote a fight, but when every “win” you’ve had in boxing has come from internet stars and retired wrestlers then your credibility still needs to be earned. Hopefully we see Tommy Fury ready to go for that fight sooner rather than later, but honestly at this point who gives a shit who wins?

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