March 31, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Traditional Wings VS. Boneless Wings

Chicken wings are one of the best foods around and needs to be a common choice for any healthy American’s diet. Not only are wings healthy, but they provide a variety on health benefits when combined with beer giving your body plenty of compound carbohydrates. But what do you get? Boneless or traditional?

Boneless wings are great because they can be rated quicker than traditional. However, at times this makes the wings not as enjoyable to eat because the process is boring. I like Traditional also because you can use the bones as a weapon. For example, if your at a sports bar and see a heard of Eagles or Raiders fans, you can throw the used bones at them and start a sort of frenzy.

Also, boneless wings are basically just large chicken nuggets, or small chicken fingers. They aren’t wings at all, just chopped up pieces of meat. For these reasons, I think traditional wings are far superior. When it comes to flavor choices, you have to get buffalo or hot wings. Vegas style if possible. Vegas style is when they cook the wings, put the sauce on them and stick them back in the oven for a little bit to the sauce drys out and the wings have a better crunch to them.

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