June 5, 2023

The Tap Daily

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Top Brunch Foods

This weekend I had the best eggs Benedict of my life. It was a serious situation that changed my life for the better. it got me thinking, what are my favorite brunch options to munch on? this is serious.

First off, eggs Benedict. Eggs benny are a brunch staple and really cant be beat. there are so many options from steak, chicken, extra egg, you name it. Also, they are perfect for a food fight, if one begins. the eggs are hard enough to throw without breaking and then pop like a water balloon. this makes it the perfect brunch choice and hilarious to throw at people.

Next has to be toast using sourdough bread. If you don’t like sourdough bread, you are either uncultured swine or just a straight up asshole. Sourdough toast is so fire and very tasty and just about any jam or jelly works on it. Sometimes it gets burnt and is as hard as a hockey puck, but its just worth it. At the end of the day, it makes a mean breakfast sandwich and is filling enough for every meal. I thin it is a tough bread too so again, if there is a food fight situation, you could use it as a shield, throwing knife style weapon or just use it to straight up beat the shit out of your friends.

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