February 3, 2023

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Top 5 Worst Smells

5.) Someone’s leftovers in the microwave– Everyone loathes the all too common predicament of being confined in a small room where someone is microwaving something absolutely putrid.  No one wants to smell that, just eat it all the night before you disgusting troll.

Jerry, did your wife make a shit-casserole last night?

4.) The bottom of the parking garage’s stairwell– Someone either pissed or died all over the bottom floor of any parking garage’s stairwell.  I’m not sure whether smells just collect here, or if its just a common spot for defecation and other lewd activities.

Someone’s always pissing down there, and its usually me

3.) Tuna Fish– I’m not talking a nice juicy tuna-steak or some high quality sushi grade tuna.  I’m talking about the smelly pussy-juice tuna that comes from a can.  If you have to indulge please do in the privacy of your own home. 

Yo, what’s that smell? Is your girl over?

2.) Your breath– Brush your fucking teeth dude.  And if that dosen’t solve it get to the doctor, because that’s a must deal with immediately-type problem.  Your stank breath personally offends me and I’d rather get COVID-19 than smell it.

You stink, girl.

1.) Actual shit– Ok, we all know all these other things are being judged on the shit scale.  Clearly shit smells the worst, and it is the most distinct.  If you smell shit you know immediately what you’re picking up.  All these other things smell like shit, using the term loosely.  Shit wins.       

Actual shit

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