June 5, 2023

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Top 5 Most Bandwagoned Teams

5.) Seattle Seahawks– There is no good reason to bandwagon this team.  Their time came and went but the obnoxious fake fans stayed.  These fans are often the loudest and most flamboyant.  The rest of NFL fans do not claim these people.    

The Seahawks bring our all the freaks

4.) Golden State Warriors– Its no surprise that arguably the most successful NBA franchise in the last decade brought everyone and their mom on board.  This team would be more likeable if they didn’t have tech CEO aliens rooting for them.    

This man became a fan just yesterday!

3.) Manchester United– Obligatory soccer team.  I have no idea if people are still bandwagoning this team but I have a feeling they are.  News from England travels slow.

The ultimate bandwagoner

2.) Pittsburgh Steelers– We all know that one Steelers fan that has absolutely no reason to be one.  What? Your uncle lives in Western Pennsylvania? So fucking what?   

No one likes this guy

1.) Dallas Cowboys– There’s a special place in hell for Cowboy bandwagoners.  You’ll often see them wearing a Tony Romo jersey for absolutely no reason, for instance, while grocery shopping nowhere near the state of Texas.  These people think being a Cowboys fan is part of their identity, but in reality it is one of the most basic decisions one can make.           

What a bunch of tools
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