May 28, 2023

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Top 5 Easiest Balls to Grip

As a lifetime hockey player it’s safe to say I have dealt with a ton of balls. Whether you’re playing basketball, football or any other sport, you need to be able to grip the ball firmly and with authority. Out of every sport, there are easy balls to latch onto and some that just slip around like a greased up turkey. Here is my list for the best balls to grab in sports.

Football – A football is tacky yet soft. It’s incredibly important for quarterbacks and receivers alike to be able to get a solid grip on the ball. Footballs fit perfectly in one’s hands and contours to every nook and cranny a man has. As America’s sport, football’s wild popularity sheds light on how efficiently these athletes handle their balls. It’s always impressive to see the talent these men have when handling their balls and inspire others to play with their own as well.

Golf Ball – In all honestly, some people don’t like to hold large things. Golf balls are hard to the touch and offer little grip to them. However, the sheer size of a golf ball makes them significantly easy to manage. One can throw, catch or juggle golf balls as it’s fairly easy to fit multiple balls in your hand. Lets face it, it’s much easier to grip an apple compared to a watermelon, right?

Bowling Ball – Bowling balls are easy to grip as long as you are holding them properly. I can’t imagine a better or more pure feeling than gently sliding your finger inside a properly sized bowling ball. I personally never insert all three fingers as sometimes they get stuck. You should only insert two fingers (Pointer and middle fingers) as three could cause the ball to stick to your hand. Properly holding the ball is important also because bowling balls are always slippery due to the slickly waxed bowling lanes. It’s very difficult to wrap your hands around a lubed-up ball.

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