February 2, 2023

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Top 5 Branded Pint Glasses I Want to Steal

We’ve all been out to the bar and after a few drinks, have had the urge to just take home one of the glasses your beer came in. But I’m just not really a person who steals. Thinking back, these are all the pint glasses I WISH I had the balls to take from the bar.

One of those MASSIVE 1 L Steins from Oktoberfest.

Unfortunately, as cool as it would’ve been to take and smuggle one of these maß back into the States… there would’ve been nowhere for me to covertly hide one in my tight, leather lederhosen. And, if caught, I think I actually would’ve been brutally beaten and legit curb-stomped by the terrifyingly German, Oktoberfest security guards. The good news is these are widely available online.

I was at an Argentinian bar (weird, I know, but the place was fire) and had been served a cold glass of Amstel Light in a vintage, gold-rimmed Amstel Light glass. That’s right, one of these bad boys.

It’s the perfect pint glass and looks just so beautiful. Simple and elegant. I thought long and hard about stealing it and I never did, the place was near empty and they definitely would’ve noticed. I’ve regretted it to this day.

This Vintage Molson Glass, before they were Molson-Coors. Functional, classy and Canadian, what more could you ask for?

One of these Pilsner Urquell mugs, usually found in the Czech Republic.

The handle and size make it the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet. Just think, you can drink so much more out of these than your evening beer. Morning coffee? Czech. Afternoon smoothie? Czech. Wish I had the balls (and luggage space) to take one of these the last time I was in Prague.

Now, here’s the one I actually had the balls to pull out with… the classic Guinness 20oz Gravity glass.

This one I actually did take from a bar in Budapest (where there are no rules). It’s the European pint which is actually a few inches larger than an American pint and it’s now the glass I use for my daily water to this day. I’m so glad I yeeted it three years ago.

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