March 20, 2023

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Top 5 Adam Sandler Classics

Sometimes scrolling through Netflix or Hulu for the perfect movie to watch can become a 30 minute long challenge. After sifting through all the shitty low-budget Netflix originals there’s a high chance you might even give up and just throw on a show you’ve watched religiously before, but it doesn’t quite satisfy that movie desire you initially had when you sat down. Renting a movie’s always an option, but with virtually any film possible to watch the list becomes endless. So what do you watch? You watch a fucking Adam Sandler classic. I’m not talking about his shitty new swing and miss projects like Jack and Jill, no. I’m talking about the classic Adam Sandler movies that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Here are the top 5 Adam Sandler classics to watch when you’re looking for a movie

5. Billy Madison – This was the first Adam Sandler movie I ever saw and needless to say even as an adult it’s still as funny as when I was a young kid. The humor is absolutely absurd and stupid but that’s what makes this one hilarious. In this one Sandler makes a bet that he can graduate from K-12th grade in 2 weeks or risk losing his father’s massive empire. Needless to say Sandler lasering kids with dodgeballs at recess is hysterical.

4. Mr. Deeds – Give an Adam Sandler stock character $4 billion and you can imagine the stupid shit he gets himself into. Mr. Deeds is another Sandler staple. Just wait until you see the black foot… It will explain itself, trust me but it’s one of the funniest gags in a movie I’ve ever seen. If your friends ever pass out drunk make sure you sharpie their foot black like the foot in Mr. Deeds.

3. The Waterboy – “Momma said that” will be a line ringing in your head after watching this sports comedy classic. A bullied water boy turned rage-filled college linebacker speaks for itself, especially when you hear the screech he makes when he tackles his opponents. This one’s just as dumb as Billy Madison, but also just as hilarious.

2. Click – While this one takes on a more serious tone at times, Click is one of my favorite Adam Sandler movies by a mile. In this one Sandler gets a TV remote that lets him control time as if he’s watching television. What he doesn’t see coming is the consequences of fast forwarding through life, a message most people can relate to and should take note of after watching this film. But don’t worry, this movie has some absolutely outrageous humor in it… And of course the legend himself, Christopher Walken makes his appearance.

1- Happy Gilmore – Last but not least is the mother of all Sandler staples: Happy Gilmore. I don’t know a single guy over the age of 20 that hasn’t seen this golf comedy classic. This is the greatest Adam Sandler movie of all time, and I’m sure even Sandler would tell you himself to give it a watch. This one takes a rage-filled hockey player and puts him on a professional golfer’s tour. Why? Because he can hit the ball 400+ yards with ease. Honestly, if you haven’t seen Happy Gilmore yet then fuck you. Stop binge watching New Girl, get on your device and rent this Sandler masterpiece before you become pop-culture illiterate.

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