February 2, 2023

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Top 3 Ugliest Dog Breeds

Happy national dog day! A day to admire our 4 legged friends who are just as willing and able as us to sit around all day with no concern for the shit we have to do later on. Dogs are man’s best friend, but sometimes man can have some ugly ass friends around him. In honor of national dog day, here are the 3 ugliest dog breeds known to man.

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Bull Terrier – This breed has topped the ugliest dog lists from day one. If this breed were a human it would be referred to as a “butterface,” as in everything looks normal besides its beady eyed, round snout ugly ass face. These dogs are usually very kind but c’mon, who picks their companion for personality?

Schnauzer – While shedding will no longer be a concern for you, this dog’s ugly long bearded face will haunt you as you lie in bed and it stares at you from the dark corner of your room. This wire haired hell hound hails from its native homeland of Germany so you know this dog at a bare minimum is an anti-semite. Aside from its racist tendencies this breed is known for its loyalty, energy and ease of training. But when it starts barking at temples, just know it’s in their blood.

Chinese Crested – Also known as the communist crested, this dog breed is straight up gross. Aside from the pigtailed hair they have on their head this naked mole rat looking thing is hardly an excuse for a dog, let alone a creature I’d allow in my house. Apparently these dogs are extremely affectionate and great lap dogs but Christ, it’s naked! Throw some hair on this rat, take the pigtails out of its head hair, grow a few more inches and then we’ll talk about welcoming this thing back into the canine family.

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