February 2, 2023

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Top 3 Jersey Shore Stars

Jersey Shore is a dynamic broadcast that is the definition of must watch reality TV. I can’t think of any better reality shows than Jersey Shore. Most viewers consider this brilliant show to be American history, and I don’t blame them. While all the characters are vital to the success of the show, there are a few that stick out to me. When I think of a perfect role model for my future children, I think of these three studs below.

First off, the one, the only, DJ Pauly D. Pauly is the most electric star of the show. From his day to day antics, white catch phrases and older brother like leadership, Pauly D is the opitome of a Seaside gorilla juice head guido. Not only does Pauly bring the most humor to the show, but he bangs the most chicks as well. I hope most American children grow up with the same charisma he has. He puts a smile on everyones face except for the girls he sends home in a cab without their shoes.

Next, I have to say is Snooki. She isn’t even 5 feet tall and she drinks like a 32 year old retired US military veteran who is missing their leg. She is genuinely trash in the best way possible. I’m not sure how legal it is to broadcast your vag on accident to millions of people on a regular basis but she was able to figure it our early and often. Snooki is the friend you want to have but the absolute last person you want your future children to date. Also, honorable mention to the episode is season one when that random guy punched her straight in the mouth. That guy deserves to get his ass kicked because that was a total scumbag move.

Ron rounds off the list for many reasons. Aside from his regular close calls flirting with domestic violence charges on the show, he was able to win over Sam in season one. The two together created the most annoyingly interesting couples dynamic where you hate both of them but want them to work it out so they cal fight again in the next episode. Ron was able to injure himself in many ways including hitting his head, getting in fights on a regular basis and pooping blood. Fast forward to last year and he managed to actually be charged with domestic violence allegations making him the most genuine scumbag on the show.

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