June 5, 2023

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Top 3 Beaches in Los Angeles

Happy National Beach Day, ladies and gents! While our land locked readers might not be as accustomed to the privilege of living less than an hour or so from the nearest beach, the rest of us can celebrate today with a quick trip to the sand. But for all of us beach-going regulars it’s common knowledge that not every beach is the same as the next, so in honor of the holiday here’s a list of the 3 best beaches in Los Angeles.

Malibu Beach

Malibu – If you’re willing to make the trip up PCH then Malibu beach is worth the long, traffic filled ride. Besides the ridiculously expensive houses that encircle you as you lay on the sand, this long-boarder hot spot has one of the coolest and most consistent small wave breaks I’ve ever seen on Southern California. And with fairly decent parking availability nearby, this well kept beach is a must see when considering a trip to the sand next time.

Santa Monica – Yes, SM is a massive tourist destination with thousands of people filling the beaches on a daily basis. But there’s a reason this spot is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. Santa Monica beach has one of the best stretches of sand in Los Angeles County with a surprisingly well kept shoreline as compared to some dumpier locations like Dockweiler or Venice.

Because of its popularity parking is only a struggle if you come at a high-traffic time of the day on a weekend, otherwise there’s a massive parking lot right on the sand below the pier and dozens of structures if you get unlucky finding a spot. Combine this with the pier itself and all the cool bars and attractions around you and this beach easily tops the list of best beaches in LA.

Manhattan Beach – Manhattan is arguably the cleanest beach in Los Angeles County. Rarely will you ever see trash lining the sand and stepping on a buried syringe isn’t a concern of yours in this part of town. For the surfing types, the break at Manhattan can be fairly decent, especially if you head up north near the El Porto stretch of sand where more locals frequent for a decent wave. Only downside here is finding street parking but if you’re patient enough this spot is worth the parking spot search. Add all of this together with the beautiful city of Manhattan Beach behind you and you get a pretty nice trip to the beach that will ensure getting sandy without getting stabbed by a homeless person like our Venice brethren.

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