March 20, 2023

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Top 10 McDonald’s Menu Picks


Source: McDonald's

Ahh McDonald’s, aka McDick’s, aka McDank’s, aka the golden arches. Mcdonald’s truly is the quintessential fast-food restaurant, with amazing deals and flavors that can be found in over 39,000 locations around the world. They’ve got everything from cheap eats to greasy hangover grub, and that’s why we love them. As of today, here are 10 of the best McDonald’s menu items. Notice we didn’t include the McRib.

10. McNuggets

Tasty, and great with a variety of sauces, McNuggets bring back memories of Happy Meals and McDonald’s Playplaces. Just pretend they’re made with real chicken.

9. Filet-O-Fish

Only true McDonalds fans will appreciate this classic. While fish may seem like a risky move from a fast food joint, it’s undeniable how good these tartar sauce-smothered suckers are.

8. Oreo McFlurry

On the off chance that the ice cream machine is working, an Oreo McFlurry may be the best frozen treat that Ronald has to offer. However, they’re close contenders with their M&M counterparts.

7. Sausage Egg and Cheese McGriddle

The perfect combo of sweet and savory to get your morning going. McGriddles deliver those stick-to-your-bones levels of heartiness that are perfect for the most violent of hangovers.

6. Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Getting a quarter pounder without cheese should be a sin. If you’re looking to branch outside the dollar menu, these beautiful beefy boys will keep you full for hours.

5. Big Mac

The Mcdonald’s signature, Big Macs are a perfect amalgamation of sauce, beef, and cheese. They would place higher on the list if it weren’t for that annoying middle bun.

4. Sausage McMuffin with Egg

The perfect savory breakfast food for any early morning occasion, McMuffins are universally loved for their high level of quality and flavor. I’m not positive the egg is all-natural, but then again I don’t really care.

3. McChicken

One of the best dollar menu items that the franchise has to offer, the McChicken knows not to mess with the formula. Chicken, lettuce, mayo, bread. It won’t win any awards, but damn it’s tasty.

2. French Fries

Fries may be McDonald’s crowning achievement. Somehow, these soft, salty potato sticks taste identical in every McDank’s location, making for perhaps the best french fry in all of fast food.

1. McDouble

Want a burger? Get a McDouble. Want something cheap? Get a McDouble. Don’t want to overdo it? Get a McDouble. Want extra food? Get two McDoubles. This menu item captures the iconic McDonald’s burger recipe and adds another patty for good measure, making it a no-brainer the next time you hit the drive-through.

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