February 2, 2023

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Tony Hawk Sold 100 skateboards Painted With His Blood, and Lil Nas X is Pissed

Tony Hawk gets blood drawn for new skateboard.

Source: Liquid Death

I don’t understand the fascination between rich people and blood. Pro skater Tony Hawk recently teamed up with water company Liquid Death to produce one hundred skateboards painted with Tony’s blood. Well, not entirely. It’s red paint mixed with blood, but you get the idea. The skateboard decks, which were priced at $500 sold out in mere minutes, with the money going toward’s Liquid Death’s commitment to reducing plastic waste. Kind of a weird statement if you ask me, but I guess lots of people wanted a little bit of Tony, so what do I know?

Tony Hawk Blood Skateboard
Source: Liquid Death

This bizarre promotion comes mere months after rapper Lil Nas X released his Nike Air Max 97 ‘Satan Shoes,’ which also contained a drop of human blood. Lil Nas X’s shoes may have sold out, but he received heavy public criticism, and the Nike brand distanced itself from the product. Following the popularity of Tony Hawk’s new skateboard deck, Lil Nas X went to Twitter to share his thoughts on the supposed double standard.

Lil Nas X, who is openly gay, has caught online heat from countless conservatives who disapprove of his outlandish style and provocative music videos. As for the shoes, however, I’m more inclined to think that critics were less concerned about the artist’s sexuality, and more with the fact that they blatantly highlight demonic imagery that tends to make people uncomfortable. Even without the human blood, the shoes have the number 666 and a bronze pentagram on every pair, so are you really shocked they weren’t a hit with every focus group?

Lil Nas X 'Satan Shoe'
Source: MSCHF

Say what you will, but I still don’t see what the draw to purchasing blood-infused merchandise is. At least with Tony Hawk’s skateboard, people were donating to an eco-friendly cause, rather than simply buying footwear to dunk on the devil.

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