February 2, 2023

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Tony Hawk Always has Awkward Encounters with Fans

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Tony Hawk’s Twitter page you’ll see countless tweets of awkward encounters with his “fans,” and by fans I mean people who aren’t 100% sure he’s actually Tony Hawk. The skating legend’s been out of the mainstream spotlight for quite some time, only occasionally making appearances on shows like SNL or random TikToks with Avril Levine. But when he’s not doing promos it seems most of his time is spent documenting every occasion of him bumping into people who create the most uncomfortable encounters and we’re totally here for it.

It seems like every person who comes up to him either thinks he’s a look alike or shit on him for being too old to skate which I don’t understand. Like I wouldn’t go walking up to a celebrity unless I A, was a fan of them, and B, knew with 100% certainty it was them. Maybe I’d take a risk if I wasn’t sure and ask them if they were the person but I wouldn’t insult them immediately after like Tony Hawk’s fans seem to do.

Cool to see he’s such a good sport about it, but let’s spare the man the annoyance of being half recognized and backhanded compliments to his face. Nobody looks like Tony Hawk anyways, the dude’s like 6’3″ and has one of the most recognizable faces from the early 2000’s. So if you see someone who looks like Tony Hawk but aren’t sure, just ask him. And if he says yes, make sure you don’t insult the man.

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