March 31, 2023

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Tommy’s Vs. The Hat

There are two fast food chains with the best chili in the world and thats Tommy’s and The Hat. Both are known for their far above average chili but really who is the winner here? Both are incredibly fattening and delicious, which is to be expected with heart stopping chili. But who wins?

Tommy’s is a California favorite with far more restaurant locations than The Hat. The chili at Tommy’s is a little greasier and has some more calories but it goes so well on everything. Burgers, Hot Dogs and even the wet chili cheese fries slap from Tommy’s. Also, the average weight of the Tommy’s customer is over 236 pounds, so you know its good.

The Hat offers a more affordable and thick chili. If you like heavy meat, you’ll love this. They sell the best pastrami around too which gives them a slight edge. However, the Hat doesn’t have nearly as any locations and the lines are often really long.

With more food options, including a “small” bag of fries taking up an entire bag, The Hat is my pick for the best chain of the two. The Hat offers the best options with far more on the menu and the chili is thicker and more unhealthy. Also, the pastrami sandwich is so good I could eat there everyday and die when I’m 32 years old from a heart attack.

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