March 31, 2023

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Tips for Surviving The Busiest Travel Day of the Year

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It’s the day before Thanksgiving, otherwise known as the busiest travel day of the year. Plus, now with our country reopening from Covid, our airports are going to be more packed than they have been in years. Here are some travel tips to make the most of your early holiday travels.

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Hate waiting in long airport lines? Me too. Here’s a hack to help you skip all those. Show up 15 minutes before your flight. It sounds shady, but trust me, the airline reps have no choice other than to escort you right through security and up to the gate. They’d much rather get a power trip running you through security than have to deal with rebooking another passenger during the year’s busiest travel weekend. Showing up to the airport as your flight is taxiing away from the gate is a surefire way to get to skip all those pesky lines.

Travel hack, pack everything. That’s right, everything. Blankets, scarves, boots. You’re going home for the holidays, you never know what you’re gonna need. Did your parents also trash your childhood bedroom and turn it into a pilates studio? We’ll aren’t you glad you brought those extra three blankets? Bet they feel real cozy in the guest room (I mean your room *wink wink*).

Take off your shoes on the airplane. It’s a holiday right? You deserve to be cozy. Shoes are so restrictive, don’t let them stop you from enjoying the time of your life. Put those feet up while you’re at it. Your fellow passengers will be so jealous of you living it up. Plus, they have masks on, it’s not like it’ll be a nuisance to them at all.

On that same note, take your mask off on the plane whenever you like. Covid is over and you’re gonna be the one to make sure the entire plane knows it. And it’s not like the flight attendants can tell you to put it back on. It’s your holiday, remember?

Finally, this one seems like a no brainer but, don’t yell “bomb” at the airport. I know this one is self-explanatory, but it can be so hard to follow when you’re super excited and just have to tell everyone about your Aunt Margaret’s bomb mac n’ cheese you just can’t wait to eat tomorrow. Save it for when you’re on the ground. You and your family will thank me.

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