June 5, 2023

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Tiger Woods Video Games are Back!

Remember the good ol’ days… Playing EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour with your buddies. Can of Mountain Dew in your hand, smacking a driver perfectly on a par 4 hearing the heart beat and the narrowing screen come on knowing you just aced it. Well gentlemen, TIGER’S BACK BABY!

Tiger Woods

The 15 time major champion’s making a triumphant return to the video game world, only not with EA sports as was his original gaming franchise. Starting October 14th Tiger will join the 2k franchise with PGA Tour 2k23. Most of us found the 2k22 game to be fun, but a bit underwhelming considering the fact you couldn’t actually play as any of the current pros on the tour. Luckily the soon to be released installment will not only allow you to choose from a multitude of PGA pros, you’ll also be able to play as the big cat himself. If you pre-order the game you’ll even unlock Michael Jordan and all his golf related gambling antics.

Beer golf’s back, boys! Finally we get to once again relish in the nostalgia of a Tiger Woods golf video game, so long as he doesn’t crash his SUV, bang a bunch of prostitutes and ruin the franchise like he did with EA Sports. So long as big cat can keep it in his pants, we got ourselves the next great Tiger Woods video game franchise. Pre-Order your copy now!


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